What I Should Feed my Baby in the First Year of Age

When my son was three months old. I was wondering when and how I can give him his first taste of solid food. Solid foods are a big step for a baby. It is important to find out when and how to make the transition from milk to solid foods. Newborn until the age of three months, needs only milk to feed them. When my son was 4 months old, I start progressively to give him a small amount of food.

Food that you should give to your child: 4-6 months of age

The transition from milk to solid foods need to be progressively.down-syndrome-pictures-baby-blue-eyes-drinking-cup-1

first: rice – barley – oatmeal.

Second: Vegetables: mashed carrots – corn cream – mashed potatoes – mashed horseradish – mashed green beans – mashed peas.

Third: fruit: mashed pears – ground apricots – mashed peaches – mashed apple

You can start to teach your child to drink a water from a cup.

Food that you should give to your child: 7-9 months of age

At this age, your child needs 2 to 3 meals and 1 to 2 snacks a day. As well as milk.

chicken, minced or chickpeas, mashed7-7

cooked sweet potato, mashed

fruit, mashed or cut-up

ground beef or lentils

brown rice

cooked broccoli, mashed

Don’t forget to give your child water in a cup with every meal.

Food that you should give to your child: 9-12 months of age

A child at 9 months old and bigger need 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. As well as milk.

canned salmon, mashed

cooked carrot, chopped

avocado, choppedbaby-led-weaning-sml


whole wheat toast with thinly spread peanut butter, cut into strips

chicken, chopped

brown rice

cooked green beans, chopped

cantaloupe, chopped

Water in a cup with every meal

 Foods you need to avoid for your child:


Low-fat foods

Uncooked eggs.

Foods that contain high amounts of salt or sugar.

soda drinks

Tea and coffee

If your child refuses to eat

Children love or hate foods, like adults. If your child does not want to eat, do not make it a big problem, but try again after minutes of the first attempt and so on. It is important to feed the child in a cheerful atmosphere and taking a positive attitude. the actions you do are attract your child attention more than words. The thing that should not be forgotten that every new taste the child tastes is something strange to him. For more information click here.


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