Baby Skin Care


Every mother wishes to give the most care and attention to her newborn child in all areas of sleep, food, hygiene, etc. The care of the child’s skin is very volatile from the things that confuse the mother, because she may not know some of the basics related to it. Baby’s skin needs extra care and attention from mother. Care for the baby’s skin is one of the most important things for all mothers.

Massage the skin of the baby is one of the most important ways to care for the baby’s skin. It relaxes the baby and keeps his skin smooth and soft. It also strengthens the relationship between mother and child. The mother’s touch to the skin of her child many psychological effects, especially as they are the most powerful communication between them.


During the first few days and weeks, some pimples and rashes may appear on the skin of a newborn. But do not worry, dear mother, they are just natural changes. It due to the change in the environment surrounding his body or the remnants of estrogen, which remains some effect within the blood of the child to get rid of it during the first weeks after birth.

Also, some soft white grain appears on the baby’s skin which is usually caused by fat and the weakness of the treatment of the baby’s fat cells with them.

Drought is also one of the factors and changes that affect the skin of a newborn child. It due to the changing environment.

There are some baby skin care tips that will help you dear mother in your task.

  • Use baby oil or warm olive oil to massage and moisturize your skin.
  • Do not use too much skin care products even if they are specially made for baby and with good quality, because it may hurt the skin and cause dehydration and eczema.
  • The newborn baby’s bath on a daily basis is not desirable. It causes his skin dryness, where he extracts some of the natural oils produced by the skin in order to maintain moisture. Therefore, the newborn baby’s bath recommended being two to three times a week. There is another way to clean his skin daily.
  • Moisturize the skin of the child constantly using a moisturizing lotion or children’s oil, especially after bathing.
  • Also, do not use too much powder for your child because it may lead to filling the pores of the skin over time.
  • One of the most common problems experienced by the mother during the care of the skin of the baby is the emergence of skin rash in the diaper area. Which is due to several reasons, one of it is the type of diaper. It requires to change of its type if it causes any inflammation. The other reason is that of a bacterial infection for the survival of the child’s non-clean diaper for a long time.

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