know How to Choose Your Child’s Toys by Age

When a child plays, he learns about them self and their surroundings. The play is more than you think; it is a way for a child to familiarize themselves with the world while exploring and testing their own limits. It is important to know how to choose your child’s toys by age. That helps a child to enjoy toys and learn more.

How 0-12 Months baby Play:

For the first three months, your baby isn’t able to do much more than observe her surroundings. But as a baby grows he will like toys that fit his age. baby at this age like toys that are designed to promote interaction in a variety of ways: They may make a squeaking or crinkling noise, have a nubby texture, and be soft and cuddly. Infants tend to mouth toys, and textured ones can help relieve teething pain.

How 1-3 Years baby Play:

At this stage, the child tries to discover everything around him, especially as he learned how to walk, run and enjoy more freedom. You have to make his desire to know by buying suitable games such as Nesting cups or boxes, Large play vehicles, such as a school bus or a fire engine, plus plastic people that ride in them, and some high-tech toys for this age that will name a letter, a shape, or a number when your baby presses a button.

Regardless of the type of games you will buy them, first make sure that these games do not contain small pieces can be swallowed, and that there are no wires or sharp corners, and that do not be heavy. In general, a child in this age does not know yet what is harmful to him.

How 3-5 Years baby Play:

After your child has passed the age of three, his awareness of his surroundings begins to be widening. He may not be satisfied with very simple games. Your child’s play is now more purposeful, and he has the fine motor skills needed to complete a puzzle or build with blocks by himself. He’ll start to enjoy pretend play like plastic professional games (doctor kit, several engineers, kitchen tools, etc.). Boys and girls are both very active at this age and will still enjoy their push- and pull-toys. A boy may use his dump truck to scoop up sand, while a girl might pretend to feed her doll and put it down for a nap.

How 5-7Years kids Play:

Kids in their early elementary school age years are very curious, want to explore, invent, create and conquer. They like imagination games, but many still enjoy dolls, superhero action figures, tablets, and board games.

How 8Years and over kids Play:

Children grow up so fast, don’t they! This is when kids are truly developing their adult personalities. They like musical instruments and more complicated and challenging puzzles. The art and craft kits are good for them. It helps them know their hand-made crafts, models, and jewelry.

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