Steps to Help you When you Decide to Start Teaching Your Child to Use a Toilet

Training children to use the toilet is a great step for children and parents alike and you need a lot of patience and determination to teach your child, and you may face many problems, what is the secret of success? Timeliness and patience.

The following steps can help you when you decide to start teaching your child to use the toilet.

1. Get ready, and go.

When you decide, it is time to use toilet training, prepare your child for success. Start by taking a positive attitude and telling all family and child caregivers to do the same.

2. Pull the equipment.

Place the baby potty chair in the bathroom or initially where the child spends most of his time. Make the child decorate the chair, and encourage him to sit with or without the diaper. Make sure your child’s foot stays steady on the floor or seat.

Help him understand how to talk about the bathroom using simple and correct terms. You can dump the contents of the dirty diaper in the bathroom chair to indicate its purpose, or let the child see the family members using the toilet.

3. Schedule the use of the potty chair.

If the child is interested, let him sit on the toilet chair or on the toilet without a diaper for a few minutes several times a day. For boys, it is often better to learn to urinate while sitting.

Read a book on toilet training or give the child a toy to use while sitting on a toilet or potty chair. And stay with him while he was in the bathroom, even if he was sitting there only and reminded him that he can try again later. To keep the training consistent, try bringing a potty chair or a portable toilet chair with you when you are out with your child.

4. Giving incentives for your child.

Some children like posters or stars on paper, and for others, going to the park or more sleep stories is considered an effective incentive. The child’s efforts must be supported by verbal praise, such as wonderful! You learn to use the toilet just like adults do!  be positive even if the toilet trip was not successful.

5. Know when to stop.

If the child is opposed to using the toilet or potty chair or is not used to it in a few weeks, you should take time to rest, so that the child is not yet ready. Try again in a few months.


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