Mistakes New Mother Makes

Every woman dreams of the day when shebecomes a mother and exercises the noblest and highest meaning of motherhood.But Every female should know that motherhood is not only a title but a greatresponsibility that she must be prepared for. A mother needs to know how tocare for newborn babies to avoid the mistakes that new mother does.

After giving birth especially thefirst birth, try to do not do much work. Many women prefer a quick recoveryfrom birth pains to fulfill their duties towards the family, but this is amistake. Dear mother, you must give your body adequate rest. So, it does notcause health complications for you afterward.

Do not lose confidence in yourself as a mother. Most new mothers feel that they cannot care for the baby. she may feel as if she has failed, but this is not true, work quietly and wisdom and benefit from the experiences of your mother for example. Do not leave your child to anyone, no matter how close to you to meet your baby needs. But raise your own to be a symbol of tenderness and love for your child.

Do not shy away from asking for advice. Some mothers think that if they ask some questions this will indicate their ignorance as mothers and reduces their task, but this is not true. It is better to ask your doctor and experienced people about what you don’t know or what makes you worried. 

Do not get the father out of theequation. You must understand well the role of the father in your baby life.Therefore, do not try to have the child alone and to cancel the presence of hisfather. You are two common elements in caring for your child together.

Do not make your child get used withone baby bottle. You should change the bottle every week at least. Because thiswill help you protect your child from polluting factors on the one hand andwill protect him from that one type of baby bottles that make it difficult toreplace with another.

It is wrong to cut the baby’s nailsawake because he will resist it and move a lot and may cause him to injure hishand so if you want to cut Your child’s nails do it during sleep.ff

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